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From Gary Niederauer – Brandon on stage with hotlanta last night!

Tad I cannot thank you and your band enough for letting my boy Brandon sit in with you last night. He is still talking and smiling about the experience. He said he felt like he was playing at the beacon with the ABB. All of you were so generous with the stage allowing him to air it out, taking precious time away from both your stellar guitar players. He also said that you guys were so tight that he hoped he stayed in the pocket with you all and did not mess up. This experience will help him grow as a musician. HOTLANTA RULES!!!

Well folks, I just got back from Philadelphia where I went to photograph my child prodigy, musical discovery of 2013, 10 year old Brandon Niederaur, who was asked to sit in by Allman Brothers tribute band Hotlanta at a huge outdoor concert. The kid is pure magic. More photos to follow and a professionally shot video soon! Just wait til my New Orleans musician friends see this guitar hero of the future!

Sidney SmithYou WILL hear the music. I shot some video myself AND there was a professional video crew there. You WILL hear the music. Stay tuned!

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  1. Gary and Brandon, It was our pleasure! We will do this again!! Great fun for all and good learning experience for Brandon. Thanks for bringing him down. That was a special moment when you went onstage for for a hug!


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