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Lead Vocalist:  Multi-talented lead singer/frontman Joe McFadden, the newest member of Hotlanta, brings an extensive and varied background to the group. With his soulful, raspy vocals, Joe has traveled the country exciting crowds with a long list of successful bands and is a accomplished stage performer. In addition, Joe plays guitar and flute. 

Keyboards: Jim Sipio has been playing keyboards in various local bands for over 45 years. Legendary keyboard artists such as

Ray Manzarek from The Doors - Keith Emerson from ELP - Rick Wakeman from Yes - Tony Banks from Genesis - Billy Joel - Elton John - and of course Greg Allman have contributed to his skills as a player and vocalist. HOTLANTA has provided a rare opportunity to play the music of the Allman Brothers Band with superior musicians. The universe without music would be madness.

Guitar: Jeff Stahl has loved music and the guitar since grade school, playing in a USO show while still in grade school and then playing at school dances and partys. He then went on to play in many cover bands(too many to list)over the years but has always gravitated to bluesy and southern rock music, especially the Allman Brothers. This type of band is where it's at for me.

Guitar:  Brian McMahon started playing guitar in the late 1960's largely due to the popularity caused by the "British Invasion" The slide guitar of Johnny Winter, Duane Allman, and Mick Taylor were big influences.  The Philly/South Jersey club scene of the 1970's provided exposure to some great, but unknown players like Ron Gentile(Crystal Mansion) and Jim Zaleski(Hereafter).  A stint with the Soul Survivors  lasted until about twelve years until 2009.  Hotlanta was and has remained the next stop. "The music of the Allman Brothers is perhaps the best vehicle to apply what I've learned so far and I really enjoy being a part of this great group of musicians and people!"

Guitar: Bob Starr has been playing guitar, slide guitar, bass and sax, professionally and semi professionally around the NJ and NY area for over 50 years. Bob has played many genres from MoTown, Rock and Soul, Blues, Jazz, Broadway, but his love for southern rock started at the Fillmore East watching the Allman Brothers. 

Bass: Mark Young started his musical adventures with violin and piano in kindergarten. By middle school, Mark was playing electric guitar with loud rock bands in his parent's garage and driving the neighbors crazy. Mark put off going to college for six years to play music full time, much to the chagrin of his mother who wanted him to become a doctor. Mark played in country and southern rock bands throughout the upstate New York region. Fifty years later, not much has changed for him, although he ditched the glasses for contacts, and now drives his wife crazy. Mark loves the music of the Allman Brothers and can't imagine anything better than paying tribute to his heroes with Hotlanta.

Drums: Jayme Rivel started learning to play the drums at age 8.  He performed in many ensembles since early middle school including jazz band, orchestra, marching band, pit ensembles, various rock and blues bands, drum and bugle corps, and the Marine Corps band.  His original and biggest inspiration as well as primary drum teacher was his step father Jeffrey Fell, who sadly left us in 2016.  Jeff passed on his broadly eclectic appreciation for music when he, along with Jayme's father Terry exposed Jayme to artists like Buddy Rich, Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Dave Weckl, The Beatles, and all of the classic greats including of course, The Allman Brothers Band.  

Drums: Larry Bishov has been playing drums in many bands in the area such as Mike Volpe and Friends, Soul Control Featuring June Evans, BD Mylo and the GoDaddys among many others. His solid "in the pocket" drumming style keeps the groove going and gives Hotlanta a solid foundation to build upon.

Percussion: Ken Ditmars provides the percussive force with the Latin based rhythms that are insturmental in pushing Hotlanta's driving beat.


About the Band

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About the Band

Founded by Tad Isch who has gone on to perform with Butch Trucks and other Allman Brothers musical family members, Hotlanta has performed in the tri-state area since its inception in 2008. We have an excellent reputation for delivering an exciting show, playing all of the Allman Brother's crowd favorites.

Capturing the creative spirit of the music created by one of the most prolific rock bands in American music history is not something one decides to do without inspiration. In fact, it is inspiration of the soul that has brought together the members of HOTLANTA. The grind of the every-day, the mundane if you will, is what causes this manifestation of energy and the desire to grab hold of music so special; soul music, bluesy, country, folk, funk, down-home gospel inspired music of one of the worlds greatest jam bands ever. “The” jam band it could be said. Experience the emergence of an inspired group of people joining together in a single, common cause. That being to recreate a feeling, a vibe, a spirit of music and love and passion. The music of an American icon, the music of The Allman Brothers Band.


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Booking Hotlanta

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